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Custom, hand-built electronic circuits designed to improve and enhance the fun and thrill of radio-controlled models.

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New Prices on Futaba Radios!

Futaba has recently reduced the prices on all of their transmitters, most by 10% or more.  And the T12K is currently On Sale for $200 off!  Grab yours now!

(Due to the current situation in China, the availability of some items may be limited.)

     In spite of the recent popularity of gasoline engines, there are still a lot of Nitro-powered models out there, and our line of Programmable On-Board Glow Drivers remains one of our best selling items.  We are now offering three different versions of this circuit, one is designed for single-cylinder engines, one is for twin-cylinder engines and in response to several requests and suggestions, we now offer a new version that is designed for models with two glow engines (twin engine)

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     The main difference in the twin-cylinder and the twin-engine versions is the ground cables that complete the glow plug circuit.  The new twin-engine version includes a pair of ground cables that are connected to the frames, one to each engine, eliminating the need to strap the engines together to make both glow plugs work.  The single-cylinder version includes a single-cell Ni-Cad battery, the twins both include a 2-cell (parallel) Ni-Cad pack, to provide glow plug power that is independant of the receiver's power source. And both can be installed in any model without the need to mount a big, ugly panel on the outside of the fuse that spoils the scale look of a nice warbird. And they are also great for ANY model that has an engine that is difficult to reach with a standard glow ignitor.  Check them out, you'll like them, I promise!


Custom NavLights

    Navigation Lights have now become one of our most popular product categories.  They're fun, they increase a model's "scale" appearance, and they can even make a model more visible in low-light conditions, greatly improving orientation. It doesn't matter if your model is an ARF or a kit, if it is a fixed-wing aircraft or a helicopter, sport or warbird, big or small, gas, glow or electric-all of them can be made more enjoyable with the addition of a nice set of Navigation Lights.


     We stock a variety of NavLight Sets that are designed to be satisfactory for use in most any model, with some designed for a specific type or brand of aircraft, like the DeHavilland  Beaver or the Cessna 182, and others designed to be used in a common style or type of model like a 3D model or a WW2 Warbird.  But a lot of modelers want a NavLight Set that is much more specific to their model, and we can do that, too!  If you can't find a "stock" set that gives you want you want, here are some of the options we offer in a Custom NavLight Set:

  LED Sizes               LED Colors                     LED Function

3mm Round                    White           Solid (Awlays On)

5mm Round                    Green           Strobe (Single, Double, or Triple)

8mm Straw Hat                Red              Simulated Rotating Beacon

10mm Round                  Amber          Landing Lights (switched from Tx)

2x5x7mm Rectangular       Blue                  Normal or Wig-Wag

     A Custom NavlIght Set can include any combination of LED sizes, colors, and functions, and the individual LEDs can be switched or controlled from the transmitter in any way necessary. The circuit can be powered from the receiver's battery, or it can be designed to be powered from a separate, external battery.  Wires can be as long as necessary to accommodate your model's size, and we can complete most Custom NavLight Sets in just a day or two.  Check our Customer Gallery for pictures and videos of some of our past creations, and let us know if we can design a custom set for your current (or next!) project!

Update on the FAA's Remote ID Rules

    Now that the deadline for comments regarding the proposed rules is past, what now?  A lot of modelers are concerned about what will happen now, and about where our hobby might be going from here.  For the next few months (maybe longer?), I'm going to dedicate this space to trying to keep you informed of what's happening "behind the scenes", and of how it affects our hobby.  Check back often, as I'll be replacing the information and news here with new info as it becomes available to us. 

     As you may already know, a month or so ago the AMA established a coalition of businesses associated with the radio control industry, including hobby shops, online retailers, and manufacturers who serve the R/C community.  We were proud, and anxious, to join the coalition, and to add our voice to the efforts of the AMA to lobby Congress and the FAA with all of our concerns.  As a member of the coalition, we have been receiving regular updates on the efforts of the AMA in this regard, and I want to make this information available to our customers.  I'll be posting links to the articles, and sharing this information in every way I can for as long as this issue remains a concern to us.  My hope is that if more modelers are aware of the incredible work of the AMA, and of the success they are having in advocating for us in Washington, D.C., that there will be a bit less "gloom", and that modelers may be able to have a more positive attitude going forward.

     Click here, and it will open a page with the latest news, links, and other information that has been shared with us by the AMA.

Swap Meet Schedule

     As most modelers will already be aware, the need to control the spread of the Corona virus has required the cancellation or postponement of almost all of the events in the world of model aviation for the next several weeks and months.  Swap meets, fly-ins, and even most monthly club meetings have all been prohibited by state and local authorities, and many of the businesses associated with our hobby, including local hobby shops and manufacturers, will no doubt suffer significantly as a result.  But we are still filling orders, and as long as the post office remains open, we intend to continue to supply our customers with products that we hope will help them pass the time as we fight this disease. Orders for "stock" items will usually be mailed the same day or the next, and orders for custom products like Navigation Lights or other servo-type circuits will be filled in 2-3 days. 

     If you are a fan of our products (and why wouldn't you be?!), there are a couple of ways you can keep up with new products and new ideas, in addition to this website.  We have a Facebook page that we update fairly regularly with information on our swap meet schedule and with New Product Announcements.  We'd really appreciate it if you would "Like" our page and then "Share" it with your friends, and help us spread the word.  Another way is to "Subscribe" to our YouTube channel.  We use the YouTube channel to post some short demonstration videos of some of the custom circuits we've made, like Navigation Light Sets and circuits that solve specific problems for our customers. We hope they will give you an idea of the range of products and services we offer  If you have a radio-controlled-electronic "wish", we'll try to make it come true!


     To subscribe to either our Facebook page or to our YouTube channel, just click on the icons at the bottom of this page.

We hope to meet you on the road...
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