This handy little connector contains three 3.5mm Banana Plug and Jack connectors mounted in a single plastic housing for easy disconnecting of all 3 wires at once.  Designed for use on the wires that connect your motor and ESC, this connector makes it much easier to install, connect, and/or disconnect a motor/ESC combination, and gives you a single housing that is polorized to ensure that the wires will re-connect in only one way.  The back of both the male plugs and female jacks extend out from the back of the housing to make soldering your wires quick and easy, and they include plastic shrouds that snap snugly onto the back of the housings to completely cover the wires and prevent shorts.  No need for heat-shrink, and no worries about the connections vibrating loose, these connectors reamain firmly together until you're ready to take them apart.  Makes your motor/ESC connections look professional and bullet-proof.


Sold in packs of two (2) jacks, two (2) plugs, and four (4) covering shrouds.  Makes two (2) complete sets.

3.5mm 3-Conductor Motor/ESC Connector


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