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The newest in LED technology, these produce a lot of light from a small package.  COB (stands for Chip On Board) feature a number of individual LED chips mounted together on an aluminum substrate, and covered with a silicone dome that seals them in and makes them weatherproof.  They are designed to be connected directly to a 9-12 volt power source, so they work perfectly on a 3s 11.1 volt Li-Po battery.  Solder points are provided on the board, and the COB can be mounted using tape or glue.  The aluminum backing may get slightly warm (it's a heat-sink!), so make sure you mount it with that in mind. They can be connected together in parallel for even more output, connect (+) to (+) and (-) to (-).  Also great for spot lighting under cabinets, or for use in trailers or anywhere you need some extra illumination.


Note:  These COBs are 3 watt, so they draw about 250mA (1/4 amp) at 12 volts.  It contains 6 discrete LED chips.  Other sizes are available in our web store.


  • Weight:  2 grams

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