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Since the introduction of "Fail Safe" settings in many of today's receivers, the issue of damage to batteries left in a plane after the transmitter has been turned "off" has become a big problem.  Since the fail safe systems continue to send a valid signal to your servos even if there is no transmitter signal present, servos no longer "jitter" to indicate a loss of signal, so it's very easy to leave a battery in a model so long that it eventually discharges too far and is permanently damaged.  


Designed to prevent damage to your plane's receiver battery, this circuit plugs into any active channel in your receiver, and constantly monitors the channel to detect activity from your radio system.  If it detects no movement of the channel into which it is plugged, it sounds an alarm to alert you to the fact that the plane is still "on", and the battery still connected.  The period over which this monitoring occurs is selectable between 3 and 5 minutes. 


If you've ever left a battery in your plane after the transmitter has been turned "off", only to find a few days later that the battery has been drained so low that it is permanently damaged, you'll understand the need for this device.  Lightweight and easy to use, this is cheap insurance for an expensive battery!


DOWNLOAD: Battery Minder Manual

Battery Minder

  • This unit is designed to be connected, using a standard servo "Y", to any "active" channel, like the aileron, elevator, or rudder channel.  It can also be connected to a spare channel that has been mixed with one of the active channels.  Upon power up, the on-board buzzer will sound three quick "beeps" to verify that it is working.  A small jumper on the main circuit board allows you to choose a monitor time of either 3 or 5 minutes.  Once monitoring begins, the unit looks for movement of the channel to which it is connected.  If the unit detects no movement of the channel over the time period selected, it sounds the alarm to alert you to the condition.  To silence the alarm you can simpy move the stick (or knob) that controls the channel, and the timing loop will be re-set.  Normal activity of the channel is not affected in any way, this unit does not modify the channel's signal, it only detects it.  The unit records a new signal from the channel once per second, and normal activity of the channel re-sets the timing loop as often as movement is detected.  Works on any brand or type of receiver, and requires no programming to use. It is fully compatible with older receivers that do not have Fail Safe settings, with them it will sound immediately if the signal from the transmitter is lost. 

  • Weight:  8 grams

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