The C3DL Deluxe Retract Controller is designed to provide coordinated control of 2-3 bushed-motor retracts, like those made by Robart, Freewing, Century Jet Models, Roban, and most any other retract of that type.  ("brushed-motor" retracts can usually be identified by the fact that the wires going to the motor have only two wires). The controller also provides control of gear door servos, and even includes Landing Lights. Option Switches on the circuit board give you control over several additional functions, and allow you to configure it for models with different configurations.


The C3DL Controller uses current-sensing technology to determine when the retracts have come to the end of thier movements, or when they have encountered an obstruction, and stops power to the motors to prevent damage to the system.  The motors are powered by a seperate battery pack, through a series of H-Bridges, to prevent the possibility of the retracts draining the receiver battery and causing a system failure.  The controller will work with retracts of any voltage, and can be custom programmed to work with almost any size retract, regardless of current draw.  Check the Product Detail section at right for more information about all the controller's features.


If you aren't sure what brand or type of retracts you have, just give us a call.  If we aren't sure about compatibility with your retracts, you can always send them to us for testing and to have this circuit customized to work with your equipment.


DOWNLOAD: C3DL Deluxe Retract Controller Instruction Manual

C3DL Deluxe Retract Controller

  • The Options Switches on the right side of the board allow you to configure several functions to fit your needs.  Their functions are as follows:

    Option Switch #1- Allows the controller to be set for 2 or 3-gear operation

    Option Switch #2- Allows the tail/nose wheel output to be reversed

    Option Switch #3- Applies a 2-second delay to the movement of the right main gear when moving to the Up position.

    Option Switch #4- Activates Gear Door Sequencing

    Option Switch #5- Allows geard doors to remain open after they are fully down, or to close after gear are down.

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