This is the T14SG Transmitter/receiver kit from Futaba.  It includes the 14-channel T14SG Transmitter, an R7008SB F.A.S.S.T. 8-channel HV (high voltage) receiver, an HT5F1800B Ni-MH battery pack and charger, a Li-Fe spacer for the optional FT2100B/ FT2F1700B LiFe battery pack, a switch harness, neck strap, and instruction manual.  This transmitter is a multi-function radio that provides compatibility with all of Futaba's protocols, allowing you to use almost any Futaba receiver currently on the market, as well as most older ones.  Supported protocols include Futaba's S-FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum), T-FHSS which provides telemetry information transfer between the transmitter and the receiver, Futaba's S.BUS/S.BUS2 system, and Futaba's FASST/FASSTest systems.


DOWNLOAD: Futaba T8J Instruction Manual

Futaba T14SG Transmitter

  • T14SG Features

    • -FASSTest Air-2.4GHz multi-function 14 channel transmitter 
    • -Telemetry System
    • -S.BUS/S.BUS2 servo setting function
    • -Power saving transmitter type
    • -SD card supported (card not included)
    • -Vibration
    • =Unique model memory system
    • -Mixing type selection
    • -Digital trim
    • -Lever head length adjustment
    • -Switch/ VR position change and AUX channel function change
    • -Trainer Function
    • -Model data transfer function
    • -Gyro menu


    Transmitter Specifications

    • -2-Stick 14-Channel, FASSTest Air 2.4GHz system
    • -RF power output: 100mW EIRP
    • -Operating system: FASSTest 14CH, FASSTest 12CH, FASST MULT, FASST 7CH, S-FHSS
    • -Power supply: 6.0V HT5F1800B MiMH Battery 


    Receiver Specifications

    • -Receiver R7008SB
    • -FASSTest 2.4GHz system, dual antenna diversity, S.BUS system
    • -Power requirement 3.7V-7.4V
    • -Size 0.98×1.86x.56 in (24.9×47.3×14.3mm)
    • -Weight 0.38oz