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This is the entry-level T6L Transmitter/receiver kit from Futaba. It includes the 6-channel T6L Transmitter and an R3106GF 6-channel Receiver. This transmitter utilizes Futaba's T-FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) protocol to provide a reliable connection between the transmitter and receiver.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This transmitter does NOT provide telemetry functions.


DOWNLOAD: Futaba T6L Instruction Manual

Futaba T6L Transmitter

  • T6L Features

    • -T-FHSS Air (Mono Directional) 6 Channel
    • -Built-in antenna
    • -Power-saving type transmitter
    • -Elevon, V-Tail, Flaperon mixing
    • -Trainer Function (Student only)
    • -Aux Channel 5 switch function
    • -Aux channel 6 dial function


    Transmitter Specifications

    • -2-Stick 6-Channel, T-FHSS AIr (Mono directional) 2.4GHz system
    • -Operating system: T-FHSS Air (Mono), No telemetry
    • -Power supply: 6.0V AA Battery


    Receiver Specifications

    • -Receiver R3106GF
    • -6-Channel – 2.4GHz  T-FHSS Air Mono
    • -Fail safe fucntion (Throttle channel only)
    • -Power requirement 4.8V-7.4V
    • -Size 1.70×0.98x.035″ (43.1x25x8.8mm)
    • -Weight 0.30 oz
  • Weight: 64 oz.

    Diminsions: 17" x 10" x 5" (inches)

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