A limited-supply item we got from a buy-out of a hobby shop that was closing!  These are similar to our regular HD Switch with LED, except that these have a Red LED (the others are Green). and the charge jack is a short cable that comes out of the back of the switch.  As a result, you have to be able to get to the back of the switch to charge the battery being switched.  The profile is slightly smaller, but the function of the switch is the same, it's a double pole slide switch.  Because of the location of the charging cable, these are great for use as a switch on a glow driver battery, a retract battery, or any other battery located inside the model's fuselage.  And the red led gives you a different look, so it calls attention to itself as opposed ot the green of our other switches.  We have quite a few of these in stock, but I haven't been able to find a replacement for them, so once they are gone, that's it!  Comes with a short female cable to mate with the charging jack, mounting plate, and screws.

HD Switch with Red LED-Special Purchase!

  • Weight:  30 grams