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This is a high-power, high-output version of our LED cannons, using 1-watt LEDs that produce a much brighter flash than the regular 5mm LEDs.  This set does not come with the carbon fiber tubes, since these LEDs are larger they must be incorporated into the end of a gun assembly provided by the modeler. Designed to simulate the muzzle flash of cannons, this circuit includes 6 white LEDs that flash randomly when activated by your transmitter.  Unit pulgs into any channel on your receiver, and can be activated by a switch on the transmitter.  Includes two (2) 6-pin disconnects for wings.  Wire length on each LED is 30 inches.


Note: This circuit has been redesigned to include an on-board 5 volt regulator, so it can now be used with any kind or type of receiver and battery, including HV (high voltage) receivers using 2-3S Li-Po, Li-Ion, or A123 batteries.


Click on the last image above for a short demonstration video.


DOWNLOAD: High-Power LED Cannons Manual

High-Power 1-watt LED Cannons

PriceFrom $45.00
  • This circuit plugs into any spare channel on your receiver, operates from the receiver's battery, and is activated from the transmitter with a switch or knob. This is the higher-powered version of our popular LED Cannons, it uses six 1-watt high-brightness LEDs that are incredibly bright and are much more visible in daylight and/or sunny conditions  Current draw on these LEDs is a bit more than it is with the 5mm LEDs, but because the flashes are so quick, the overall amperage is still so low that it doesn't require an additional battery. The muzzle flash pattern is completely random, and there are also random pauses programmed into the firing sequence to simulate the "bursts" of cannon fire that combat pilots are taught to employ.  Installation in an ARF may require that the wires to the LEDs be cut and spliced back together, but there is nothing critical about the wiring, and the wires are color-coded to make it as easy as possible.  

  • Weight:  3-gun (6 LEDs) - 50 grams


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