NOTICE: We've had to increase the prices of all our Night Flyers due to increases in shipping costs for the "oversize packages (almost $60 now!). We apologize for the increase, and appreciate your understanding.


This is a traditional "Flying Wing" configuration, and requires a transmitter capable of mixing the aileron and elevator functions into elevons. (Most radios manufactured in the last 10-15 years will have this function).  Although quick, it is extremely easy to fly, and will slow to an absolute crawl for landing.  Made of 6mm Depron foam, it is very durable, and the light weight makes it very forgiving in case of a bad landing or other mishap.  It comes complete with a 204-watt 1534KV brushless motor, a 30-amp programmable ESC, a 7x6 Prop and prop adapter, two 9 gram servos pre-installed in the wing, and two full meters of LED light strips installed along the front and back of the spar.  The LEDs can be installed with one color in front and the other in back of the spar as in the pictures, or they can be mounted so that each wing half is a different color. Choose from White, Red, Blue,  or Green LEDs, or you can just include a message with your order as to your color choice and location preference for non-stock combinations.  Semi-transparent stripes will be added to each wing half to compliment your color choices, and to make the plane easier to see in daylight as you make trim adjustments.


The LEDs are powered by the plane's flight battery, and you'll get around 5-8 minutes of fight per battery charge with the LEDs on.  The LEDs are wired to a connector that is built into the ESC's wiring, so they can be disconnected for daytime flying and trimming.

If you've never flown at night before, you might be advised to start with one of our Night Prowler ARFs, but if you've had just a little bit of experience flying after dark, then the Night Racer will give you more speed and more excitement than the average night flyer.  Try one, I think you'll like it!


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Night Flyer ARFs are shipped partially assembled to reduce shipping costs.  Some assembly will be required when your plane arrives, but only a few steps will be necessary to complete it.  Instructions are included.  Shipping costs are higher on ARFs due to their larger sizes, so prices have been adjusted to allow for them.


DOWNLOAD: Night Racer Owner's Manual

Night Racer ARF

Color-Front of Spar
Color-Aft of Spar
  • Recommended Prop Size:

    7 x 5 or 7 x 6 Slow Electric

    Recommended Battery:

    3S 11.1 volt 1300mAh Li-Po

  • Weight:  260 grams