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Designed exclusively for gas engines that utilize a CDI (Capacitive Discharge Ignition), this device will provide a convenient and safe way to switch the ignition box on/off from the tranmitter.  Most importantly it is fully opto-isolated, which means that the output of the circuit is insulated electronically from the receiver, so the high-frequency pulses (spark) created by the ignition box cannot back up into the receiver and cause interference that might compromise your model.  It features an on-board regulator that makes it compatible even with HV (high voltage) receivers using 2S or 3S battery packs.  Also included is a remote LED to indicate when the CDI is "on".  This unit is programmed to cut the power to the CDI box if the signal is lost during flight.


We recommend that, for safety purposes, you connect your Opto-Isolated Kill Switch to a spare channel that is activated via a switch on your transmitter, and that you also use a separate switch, like one of our HD Switch with LED, to disconnect the battery that powers the ignition box.  This will give you 2 layers of safety, an inportant consideration when dealing with a powerful gas engine.


DOWNLOAD: Opto-Isolated Kill Switch Manual

Opto-Isolated Kill Switch

  • Weight:  16 grams

  • Input Voltage (from the receiver) on this switch is 3-16 volts DC, which makes it compatible with any receiver powered by a 4 or 5-cell Ni-MH battery pack, as well as any HV receiver using high-voltage servos and powered by a 2S or 3S Li-Po/Li-Ion/LiFe or A123 battery pack.


    IMPORTANT NOTE:   The output of the switch is NOT regulated, only the input coming from the receiver.  For this reason, it is important that you use a battery that is the correct voltage and current rating to power your CDI box.  Please consult the owner's manual that came with your engine or ignition box for information on the proper battery.


    The remote LED comes with 30 inches of wire, and can be mounted anywhere on or in the model that is convenient, or it can be removed completely.

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