There are several companies that manufacture pilot busts and pilot figures that feature "moving" heads that are powered by a small servo hidden inside the figure.  They are intended to be slaved to a receiver channel, usually the rudder, so that the pilot's head appears to move in unison with the movements of the plane's control surface.  The only problem with this is that the movements don't look very realistic, the pilot's head appears to snap back and forth with the movements of the rudder.


Our Pilot Head Animator provides a completely random, unpredictable, and very life-like series of movements and pauses that greatly increases the scale look of any pilot figure.  The circuit's programming creates several random numbers, which are then used to move the servo randomly, with right-left movements that vary in degree of movement and in the speed of those movements, together with pauses of varying length, all of which occur without any input from the receiver.  The circuit is available in two versions, one that is switchable from the transmitter, and the other that is non-switchable, and works any time the receiver is powered.

The circuit is regulated, so it works with receivers and servos operating at any voltage, from 4.8 volts to 8.4 volts (or more).  It does not interfere with the current going to the pilot's servo, so there is no reduction in speed or torque.  Check out the video in the series of images above to get an idea of exactly what it does.  If you're into scale competitions, you can bet on extra points with this neat little gadget!


DOWNLOAD: Pilot Head Animator Manual

Pilot Head Animator

  • Weight: 10 grams

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