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This simple device can make the difficult installation of flaps or retracts a breeze.  When inserted between the receiver and a servo, it will reverse the rotation of any servo.  Works on any kind or type of servo, and can be used together with a regular servo "Y" to allow two servos to operate in opposite directions and still be controlled from a single channel.  It will also reverse the direction of operation of almost any servo-type device, like electric retract controllers, LED light systems, receiver-controlled switches, or most anything that can be plugged into a receiver.  If you are in doubt, feel free to give us a call and we'll help you decide if it will work in your application.


IMPORTANT NEWS:  This circuit has now been redesigned using smaller, surface-mounted components, (SMDs), and is regulated for use with any receiver running at any voltage, including high-voltage (HV) receivers.  Suitable for 4.8-8.4 volts DC.


The voltage and current supplied to the servo (or other device) are not affected in any way by this device, power goes straight through the circuit with no reduction or modification of any kind.  Only the PWM signal is affected.  Made with heavy-duty 22AWG wire, these reversers are suitable for use with larger, digital and coreless servos that have high current requirements.


DOWNLOAD: Simple Servo Reverser Instruction Sheet

Simple Servo Reverser

  • Plugs directly into your receiver or into one side of a regular servo "Y".  Especially useful in flap installations, it allows two servos to rotate in opposite directions, but still be plugged into and controlled from a single channel in your receiver.  Eliminates the need for more expensive servos that rotate in the opposite direction, and simplifies the often difficult and confusing task of installing flaps.  This device will eliminate the need to mix 2 channels on your radio just to control your flaps, freeing up that extra channel for other uses.  Simply install one flap servo as normal, connect the linkage, and program your radio to make it move the right way and the desired amount.  Now install the second servo and connect it the servo reverser, and your flaps will move as necessary for proper operation.


    Also works on standard retract servos.  Simple, lightwieght, and extremely accurate.

  • Weight:  8 grams

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