These are the new XT90-S Anti-Spark connectors from Amass.  They are designed to supress the annoying spark or "crack" that often occurs when a 6S or larger battery is connected to the ESC.  These sparks are more than just an annoyance, they actually damage the surface of the connectors by transferring metal, which causes corrosion and degrades the quality of the connection. In addition, the spark creates a brief, high-voltage spike that can cause serious damage to the components inside the ESC, resulting in catastrophic failures of the ESC/BEC.  The XT90-S can be used to replace ANY connector on your battery/ESC, and are easy to install and use.  They come with a shroud for each side that covers the solder joints and gives a nice, polished look, eliminating the need for heat-shrink or tape.  Polarity (+/-) is marked clearly on each connector.


These connectors have a small resistor molded inside the connector (that's the green area you see on the side of the female connector) that briefly completes the circuit between the battery and the ESC as the two halves of the connector are pushed together.  This allows the capacitors inside the ESC to charge quickly, but in a controlled, low-current manner, so that the spark is eliminated.  As the connector is fully pushed together and seated, the resistor is "by-passed", resulting in a complete connection that can withstand the full rating of the connectors, roughly 90 amps nominal, and 120 amps max.


These connectors do not offer the same level of protection as our No-Spark Arming Plugs & Harness, because once connected the ESC will be fully armed and ready to drive the motor, so take care once the battery is connected and make sure that the throttle stick stays in the "Stop" position, to prevent injury due to an unexpected motor start.  We also recommend that these connectors be used in conjunction with our SafeStart system to fully protect you against unwanted prop strikes.


Sold in pairs only (1 x Male/1 x Female)

XT90-S Anti-Spark Connectors

$3.99 Regular Price
$2.99Sale Price
  • These are easy to install, the gold-plated barrels on the connectors will accept 10 AWG or smaller, just tin the barrerls and the wires on the ESC or battery before soldering them.  Don't forget to slide the shrouds that cover the wires onto each wire before soldering it in place.  Observe the correct polarity.

    To use, we recommend that you push the two halves of the connector together just a bit more slowly than you might do with a standard connector.  This will give the caps in the ESC a second or two to charge up (that's what eliminates the spark) before the rest of the connection is complete. 

  • Shipping Weight:  17 grams