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Circuits for Radio Controlled Models

"Made for R/C Modelers by an R/C Modeler"

How it Started

It all began with a Simple Servo Tester I built for myself after attending an R/C swap meet in Georgia about 15 years ago.  I bought some used servos that were sold as "almost new" that turned out to be "totally junk".  I built the servo tester to take with me to future swap meets so that it wouldn't happen again.  A few of my friends in my local R/C club saw it and asked me to build them one, too.  Next came a couple of navigation light sets I built for my own planes, they also wanted lights for their planes. Then came the suggestion that I should try building extra items for sale, and so I began going to a few local swap meets.  Since then, I've expanded my line to include a lot of items that have been specifically requested by my customers, and I always seem to have a number of new products I'm working on for the future.

My Passion

Airplanes.  Pure and simple.  From my earliest childhood (at least as far back as I can remember), I've loved airplanes, really anything to do with aviation. I was building plastic models in grade school, and my dear mother even allowed my to hang them from my bedroom ceiling with fishing line.  As an adult, I got away from my passion for a long while, having kids and making a living, then a few years ago my interest was re-kindled with a plastic model I received for Christmas.  I eventually got so involved with plastic models that I was building them competitively, and won two 3rd place awards with a couple of my models in my very first competition.  Next came a radio controlled model for my birthday, I'd always wanted to try R/C but had never been able to afford it, and from there it was downhill all the way.  I tell my wife this isn't a hobby, it's a disease.  It's called "Hobbypox".  I can't help it, I'm really just a victim.  ;)

My Goal

To build high-quality and useful devices to help my friends in the Radio Control community to enjoy their hobby even more.  With a background in electronics, (I was a Radio Shack store manager for over 10 years right after college), I have a few skills that the average R/C'er doesn't have, and it allows me to design items that make our models more fun, more scale-like, and our flights more successful.  It's all about the fun, and I pledge to never lose sight of that.  For that reason, my customers will always be happy with their purchase, no matter what.


Here are my promises:

1. If there's a problem, I'll fix it.   2. If I can't fix it, you'll be offered a full refund

In business, I think those are the only two promises you need. Period.

David flying at the Falling Water Club's field
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