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12 volt DC Power Supplies

Made from recycled, refurbished computer PSUs, our Power Supplies are one of the best ways you can find to power your field charger!  Because they are made for the rigorous demands of the computer industry, they are highly regulated, short-circuit protected, overload protected, thermal protected - in short they are practically bullet-proof.  Available in several different sizes, with outputs that range from 14 amps to 75 amps (or more!), to accommodate whatever your battery-charging requirements may be.  These units are also great for powering anything that requires a regulated, 12 volt DC supply, like ham radios and other mobile equipment.  And if you need faster, higher-currrent charging, check out our NEW 24 volt 1068 watt power Supply!


If you have any questions about battery charging, or questions about the suitability of any of our units for your needs, feel free to contact us by email, or use our Contact Form.  We'll be glad to help!

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