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Night Flying

     Here you'll find everything you need to get started in "Night Flying", as well as some of the parts and accessories you may need if you're already experienced in flying after dark.  Our Night Flyers are proven designs that are both easy to fly at night, but challenging enough to make them fun for any R/C pilot.  The Night Prowler is the place to start if you've never flown after dark before, while the Night Racer is quick enough for more experienced pilots.  Both come with almost everything you need to get in the air, just add a receiver and a battery.  


     Both models come partially assembled, to make shipping them more economical and practical.  All that's required to complete them is to glue a couple of parts in place, connect a couple of wires, and you're ready to fly!  Either model can be ordered with any combination of LED colors you prefer, just let us know when you place your order, or contact us beforehand and we'll make sure it's built just the way you want it.  


     And if you already have a night flyer, we sell LEDs in several sizes and types you can add to give you more lighting options.

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