Instructions for Submitting Comments to the FAA

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First you need to navigate to the Template Page the AMA has set up for our use.  Click here.  This will open a new tab in your browser, which will allow you to work on the form while still being able to see these instructions.

FAA Rules 001.jpg

Next, beginning with the sentence, "I am writing in response....", and ending with the sentence, "...hobby with overly burdensome requirements.", we need to copy and paste the body of the document to your computer's clipboard.  I suggest you do not include the title of this section, there is no need to include words like "template" in your comments.  

Place your mouse cursor at the end of the section in the empty space after the last sentence, and left click and hold the button on your mouse.  Drag the mouse cursor up the page to the beginning, take your time because it's kinda hard to get the cursor to stop between the letter "I" and the edge of the page, but you can do it.  This will highlight the body of the page in blue.  Leave your cursor over the highlighted area, and right click it.  This will open up a menu on your screen, chose the first option and click "Copy".  Now this section is saved to your computer's clipboard.

FAA Rules 002.jpg
FAA Rules 003.jpg

 Now we need to paste our comments to the Federal Register. Click here.  In the new window that opens, move your cursor to the big, empty box that's labeled "Comments", and right click your mouse.  From the menu that pops up, select "Paste".  The body of the Template will now appear in the Comments section.  You can edit, modify, or add to the comments as you see fit, but don't curse, don't get angry, just state your case.  Remember - this is a numbers game, you just need to be counted, that's all. 

FAA Rules 005.jpg

Once you're satisfied with your comments, fill in the personal information in the bottom part of the page. This is required to prevent flooding the site with bogus and/or duplicate submissions.  When you're done, click on the box that says "you have read and understood the statement above", and click on the box at the bottom "Submit Comment".

FAA Rules 006.jpg

That's it, you're done.  I hope this helped a few of you. -David

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