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IMPORTANT NOTE: All our NavLight Sets are designed and built in-house, and can be easily customized to your specifications, with longer wires, additional LEDs, pre-installed disconnects, or with a connection that allows them to be powered from an external battery. If you can't find a set that satisfies your requirements, please use our Contact Form or email us to give us the details, and allow us to quote you a set that does!

Our selection of "stock" Navigation Light Sets includes several different combinations of Wingtip (Position) Lights, Landing Lights, Strobes, Simulated Rotating Beacons, and/or Tailcone Lights, and all can be built using several different sizes of LEDs, including 3mm Round, 5mm Round, 2mmx5mmx7mm Rectangular, 8mm High-Brightness 1/2 watt "Straw Hat", or 10mm Round LEDs.  The 8mm LEDs are much brighter than standard LEDs, and feature a wide 120-degree viewing angle.  The 8mm NavLight sets are designed especially for larger, Giant-Scale models, and include an on-board regulator to make them compatible with models that use higher-voltage batteries and/or BECs.

Navigation Lights

Indoor/Park Flyer NavLights

Suitable for small foam and balsa models, and indoor flyers.

FeatherLite NavLights
    5mm NavLights

    3mm & 5mm NavLights

    Suitable for smaller models, .90-size or smaller, wingspans of approx. 60 inches. New 3mm versions available for helicopters and drones.  These can be customized, just give us a call!

      8mm NavLights

      8mm NavLights

      Suitable for larger (Giant-Scale) models, .90 size or bigger, wingspans of 65" or more.

      Legend Hobby ARF NavLights

      Made especially for ARFs sold by Legend Hobby!

        Legend Hobby ARFs

        Extreme Large-Scale NavLights

        Suitable for 40% or larger scale models.  These are BIG!

          Pedal Plane Lights

          Designed especially for use in pedal planes or cars, these don't require a radio.

            NavLight Accessories

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