Covid-19 Notice:  Due to the impact of the virus on shipping, delivery times on some orders may be much longer than normal, especially on International Orders.  Most domestic (US) orders will not be affected, but some may take as long as 30 days or more to arrive.  International shipments may take 60 days or longer to arrive, as many countries have suspended incoming mail and packages completely, and some are requiring them to be quarantined at various stages along the way.  Please be patient, the delay is due to the increased number of packages being handled by the U.S. Postal Service during the pandemic, and is not anything that we can control. 

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Custom, hand-built electronic circuits designed to improve and enhance the fun and thrill of radio-controlled models.

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Servo Reversers

     If you've ever built a model that has flaps, or dual elevator servos, then you've probably found yourself in need of a servo reverser. While servo reversing is a feature of most modern transmitters, it requires the use of an extra channel that you may not have available.  The easy solution is a Servo Reverser, and we carry two different types to solve a variety of servo problems.

     The easiest is our Simple Servo Reverser.

Reverser with Pot 001_edited_edited.jpg

     It connects between your receiver and the servo you need to reverse, and inverts the signal from the radio to reverse the servo's action.  It can be used in conjunction with a standard servo Y to allow you to use just one channel for two servos that turn in opposite directions. 

     However, most servos, when reversed, will shift their center position slightly, and this can cause problems, because both servos are not starting from the exact same position, and you can't use subtrim to adjust just one servo. In these situations, we recommend our Servo Reversing Y with Trim Pot.  

     This circuit features a small, adjustable trim pot that allows very slight, very precise adjustment of the reversed servo's center position so that the servo's movements begin at exactly the same position.

     We also offer a non-reversing version, for applications like dual elevators servos, it allows you to connect two servos into one channel, and adjust the center positions of each separately.

New Product Category

     We've been receiving a lot of questions lately from customers who are searching for controllers and sequencers for landing gear systems. Whether you need a controller for your brushed-motor retracts, or a gear door sequencer that will work in conjunction with an existing controller, we have several products that may solve your landing gear and retract problems.


     To make it easier to find and to browse through these products, we've added a new product category dedicated to landing gear-related items, it's under the Products tab above, and it's called  Retract Controllers and Door Sequencers. There you'll find a few circuits we've been selling for several years now, along with some items that are new.  And we'll be adding several more in the next few weeks.


     The Gear Door Sequencers are designed to be used along with your existing retract controller, and will make it possible for you to time the operation of your gear doors so they don't interfere with the movement of the gear.  We have one for both electric and air-based retract systems.  Our  Retract Controllers is designed to replace lost or damaged controllers, and will cycle your brushed-motor retracts, using current-sensing circuitry, to provide reliable operation of the gear. Our Deluxe versions even include a pair of Landing Lights that come on automatically when the gear are down, and we also offer a version to cycle two sets of gear doors independently.

     The Door Sequencers are designed to be compatible with any brand or type of receiver and servos, and the Retract Controllers will work with several different brands of retracts.  All of them can be configured to work with almost any brand or type, just give us a call.  If you don't know the brand of your retracts, and aren't sure of compatibility, you can simply send your equipment to us and we'll customize these circuits to work with them, and usually at no extra charge.  Give us a call, or use our Contact Form, and we'll be glad to work with you to provide a custom circuit made to work for you.

Update on the FAA's Remote ID Rules

        Click here for the latest news, links, and other information that has been provided to us by the AMA.

Swap Meet Schedule

     As most modelers will already be aware, the need to control the spread of the Corona virus has required the cancellation or postponement of almost all of the events in the world of model aviation for the next several weeks and months.  Swap meets, fly-ins, and even most monthly club meetings have all been prohibited by state and local authorities, and many of the businesses associated with our hobby, including local hobby shops and manufacturers, will no doubt suffer significantly as a result.  But we are still filling orders, and as long as the post office remains open, we intend to continue to supply our customers with products that we hope will help them pass the time as we fight this disease. Orders for "stock" items will usually be mailed the same day or the next, and orders for custom products like Navigation Lights or other servo-type circuits will be filled in 2-3 days. 

     If you are a fan of our products (and why wouldn't you be?!), there are a couple of ways you can keep up with new products and new ideas, in addition to this website.  We have a Facebook page that we update fairly regularly with information on our swap meet schedule and with New Product Announcements.  We'd really appreciate it if you would "Like" our page and then "Share" it with your friends, and help us spread the word. 




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     We use the YouTube channel to post short demonstration videos of some of the custom circuits we've made, like Navigation Light Sets and circuits that solve specific problems for our customers. We hope they will give you an idea of the range of products and services we offer  If you have a radio-controlled-electronic "wish", we'll try to make it come true!


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