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Custom, hand-built electronic circuits designed to improve and enhance the fun and thrill of radio-controlled models.

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Drop-Down Landing Lights

     In response to several customers' requests, we are now offering our Drop-Down Landing Lights in a couple of new "versions".  In addition to the two that we've listed on the site since we introduced them, (one that has a single Landing Light, and one that also includes three Navigation Lights), we're now offering both with the option of a pair of Landing Lights instead of just one.  This will make them compatible with modelers with planes like the Stinson Reliant and the Cessna 310, among others.


     These circuits provide the signal to move a servo to raise/lower a panel on the bottom of the wing, and turn the Landing Light(s) on/off. The 8mm 1/2 watt LEDs come with a reflector (above) to magnify the light and to provide a convenient mount for the LED.  There are two versions for the Landing Light & Servo Controller, with one Landing Light or two, and two similar versions that include 1 x Red/1 x Green/1 x White Navigation Lights.  And all four versions provide the ability to reverse the rotation of the servo, to make it easy to set up with any model and any configuration.


     The Drop-Down Landing Light & Servo Controllers require only one channel to operate, and are regulated for use with any receiver, and any receiver voltage, including high-voltage (HV) receivers.  The 8mm 1/2 watt Straw-Hat LEDs provide a nice, bright output that is visible from a wider viewing angle than the more common round-top LEDs, but current use is still low enough that they do not require a separate power source. We can, however, customize the circuit for use with an external battery, just give us a call.

Model Aviation Showcases

Two New DRCE Products!

     In the RC Scale section of the November issue of Model Aviation (page 78) you'll find a nice column by Stan Alexander on a couple of our newest products, our Pilot Head Animator, and our Drop-Down Landing Light & Servo Controller.  The Pilot Head Animator is a simple, inexpensive device that provides random, life-like movements for any pilot figure that has a servo-driven moveable head.  Instead of connecting it to your rudder channel, you can use it to make your pilot's head move independently from any other control surface, and the movements, including the direction, the degrees of movement, and even the pauses between movements are all randomly generated.  And it's available in two versions, one that is switchable from the transmitter, and one that plugs into any channel and works whenever the receiver is powered.

     The second item is our Drop-Down Landing Light & Servo Controller.  It's designed for models that have a drop-down panel on the bottom of the wing that contain a Landing or Taxi Light, like some P-40s and P-51s, as well as some civilian aircraft like the Stinson Reliant. The circuit provides the signal necessary to move a servo (or servos) that lower the panel, and turns the 8mm 1/2 watt Straw Hat LED on/off.  The movement of the servo is slower than normal, to prevent the panel from "slamming" up or down, and it is held in place in both the up and down positions so it will stay in place even when the plane is moving.  The movement of the servo is reversible (CW/CCW), making it easy to configure it for use in any model, and it even comes with an LED Reflector to amplify the output of the LEDs for maximum effect.  It is available in two versions, one that features the single 8mm LED Landing Light, and a second that includes three additional LEDs, 1 x red/1 x green/ 1 x white, for use as Navigation Lights

Swap Meet Schedule

     As most modelers will already be aware, the need to control the spread of the Corona virus has required the cancellation or postponement of almost all of the events in the world of model aviation for the next several weeks and months.  Swap meets, fly-ins, and even most monthly club meetings have all been prohibited by state and local authorities, and many of the businesses associated with our hobby, including local hobby shops and manufacturers, will no doubt suffer significantly as a result.  But we are still filling orders, and as long as the post office remains open, we intend to continue to supply our customers with products that we hope will help them pass the time as we fight this disease. Orders for "stock" items will usually be mailed the same day or the next, and orders for custom products like Navigation Lights or other servo-type circuits will be filled in 2-3 days. 

     If you are a fan of our products (and why wouldn't you be?!), there are a couple of ways you can keep up with new products and new ideas, in addition to this website.  We have a Facebook page that we update fairly regularly with information on our swap meet schedule and with New Product Announcements.  We'd really appreciate it if you would "Like" our page and then "Share" it with your friends, and help us spread the word. 

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Pilot Head Animator
Pilot Head Animator

     We use the YouTube channel to post short demonstration videos of some of the custom circuits we've made, like Navigation Light Sets and circuits that solve specific problems for our customers. We hope they will give you an idea of the range of products and services we offer  If you have a radio-controlled-electronic "wish", we'll try to make it come true!


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