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Note:  This is a circuit that we have been manufacturing for some time now, it was formerly sold exclusively by Robart Manufacturing.  Since Robart has decided to suspend their sales of retracts and associated products, we have taken over the sales and distribution of this product.


The Retract Test Switch is designed to make the testing and installation of electric retract systems made by Robart, as well as many other manufacturers, much easier by providing a way to control them without the need for a working transmitter and receiver.  When connected to the retract controller and a battery of the proper voltage and capacity, it produces the required PWM signal necessary to cycle the retracts up/down, and allows their movement to be interrupted mid-cycle for inspection and adjustment.


A simple toggle switch, similar to those found on most transmitters, is used to cycle the gear up/down, and a small pushbutton switch is used to stop the movment of the gear in either direction.  The only other thing you need  is a battery pack of the correct size and voltage for your retracts.


Great for use in the workshop or at the flying field, the Retract Test Switch is a tool that will make setting up and using your model's retracts much easier.


DOWNLOAD: Retract Test Switch Manual

Retract Test Switch


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