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Note:  This is a circuit that we have been manufacturing for some time now, it was formerly sold exclusively by Robart Manufacturing.  Since Robart has decided to suspend their sales of retracts and associated products, we have taken over the sales and distribution of this product.


Pressure Guard is designed to provide a way to protect pnematic (air) retract systems from a situation in which air pressure has dropped below the point at which you can safely and completely lower your retracts for landing.  Once it has been set up, it Pressure Guard monitors the system pressure and automatically lowers the gear if the pressure drops below the "trigger point" (PSI) you set during setup.  You can make this trigger point any pressure required by your retracts, and Pressure Guard will make sure you always have enough air pressure to get those gear down completely and safely.  It can be used on any pnematic system, including those manufactured by other companies, and can be set to lower the gear no matter whether the channel used is "normal" or "reversed" in your trasnmitter. 


Pressure Guard installs between the receiver and the air-valve servo, and it can be used in conjunction with any of our Gear Door Sequencers.  Instructions are included, and setup is quick and easy.  Don't risk damaging your model because of an unexpected air system leak, get a Pressure Guard today!


DOWNLOAD: Pressure Guard Instruction Manual

Pressure Guard-Pnuematic System Monitor


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