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Make your 2 or 4-stroke glow engine's idle more solid and reliable with this fully programmable, easy to use on-board glow driver.  Installs in minutes, and provides power to your glow plug at any throttle setting you choose.   It includes a 20 inch high-quality, locking metal glow-plug head for connection to your motor's glow plug, as well an engine ground wire for connection to the engine's chassis.  The throttle position can be reset as often as desired, and is maintained in memory even when power to the model is removed completely.  Glow plug power is provided by the included 1.4 volt 2500mAh Ni-Cad battery, so it will not drain your receiver's battery pack.  The 5mm orange LED can be mounted anywhere on your model to indicate when the glow plug is "hot".  Reversible for any configuration or throttle setup.  Also included are a 5mm black plastic LED holder for mounting the LED, an extra Dean-style (T) male connector you can install on your charger for easy charging of the Glow Driver's battery, and a plastic enclosure that can be used to install the main circuit board inside the model.


We have now added 3.5mm brass disconnects to both the engine ground and the glow plug wire(s) to make installation easier.  This eliminates the need to drill any large holes in the firewall to route the wires going to the engine.


DOWNLOAD: Programmable On-Board Glow Driver Manual

Programmable On-Board Glow Driver-Single Cylinder

  • This circuit can be connected to the throttle channel along with your throttle servo using a common servo "Y", or it can be plugged into any spare channel that is mixed to the throttle channel. The position of the throttle stick at which the glow plug comes "ON" is set using the small pushbutton switch on the main circuit board, is fully reversible for any servo configuration, and it can be reset as often as desired.  Especially helpful on models that have an engine that is inverted, it will keep your engine from flooding at low throttle settings, giving you greater confidence when landing. (I have one on ALL my warbirds!)  Instructions are included for easy installation and use.

    Note: The battery can be charged using any Ni-Cad charger that is capable of charging 1-8 Ni-Cad/Ni-MH cells, or you can easily modify one of the "Hot Shot" chargers used to charge a regular glow ignitor.  Just remove the metal glow plug fitting from the end of the charger's wires, and install the provided Deans connector, being sure to observe the correct polarity on both the charger and the Deans plug. 

    Check the polarity at the Deans plug before connecting to your battery pack!

  • Weight:  (Including Battery) 88 grams

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