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Made from the larger power supplies that are found in the servers that run large computers, these power supplies are the answer for modelers who need to charge large, 4-10 cell Li-Po batteries quickly at high current levels.  The current crop is capable of delivering 75 amps of highly-regulated 12 volt DC current.  If you need more current than most over-the-counter 12 volt power supplies can provide, this might be your solution.  Our most powerful 12 volt power supply, it can be "ganged" together with a second unit to provide 24 volts @ 75 amps, or more than 1800 watts of power!  Just make sure that the metal cases of the two units are insulated / isolated from each other by a partition of a non-conductive material.


Comes complete with AC power cord.


IMPORTANT NOTE:   These units are heavy, and shipping is higher than normal.  Power supplies will be shipped via U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail Flat Rate at the least expensive rate possible.



DOWNLOAD: 75 amp Power Supply Manual

12 volt 75 Amp/900 watt DC Power Supply

  • Like our other units, these are built from re-cycled computer power supplies, and are rugged and almost indestructible.  They feature short circuit protection, thermal and overload protection, and deliver a smooth, regulated 12 volts that's perfect for battery chargers.  If shorted, the output simply shuts down before damage can occur. Just turn the unit off, wait a few seconds, and turn it back on again.  It's that easy, and it doesn't even blow a fuse!  A pair of banana jacks on top provides a convenient connection to almost any standard battery charger, and a switch allows you to turn the unit on/off without unplugging the AC power cord (included).   If you need to connect more than one charger at a time, consider using one of our 12 volt Power Distribution Boxes, or you can replace the banana plugs on your charger with a pair of ours that will stack or daisy-chain together for multiple connections.


    These units have a pair of high-output fans mounted in the front panel to provide the cooling needed for high current demands, so they tend to be a bit noisier than a traditional power supply, but since heat is the #1 enemy of anything electronic, you probably won't mind the extra noise.  (The fans in this unit do not run all the time, only when the unit is turned "on".)

  • Weight:  10 pounds

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