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Made from re-cycled power supplies harvested from computer servers, these power supplies are perfect for powering high-capacity battery chargers at home. Capable of producing high currents that are extrmemly well-regulated, they can be used in place of a 12 volt auto battery to supply the voltage you need for charging large Li-Po, Li-Ion, LiFe, or A123 batteries quickly and safely.  The output of these power supplies is very stable, with no detectable AC ripple remaining in the DC produced, and they are protected against thermal (heat) overload, current overload, and are even short-circuit protected.  If the outputs are shorted while in use the unit will shut down with no damage.   Turn it off, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back on, and you'll be back in business without even a fuse to replace!  We've been selling these converted server supplies for years, and there are a lot of them in use right now, with no problems and almost no failures.  Since they are made for use in computer servers that operate at high capacity and 24/7, they'll last for years and years as a power supply for your favorite charger.


Comes complete with AC power cord.


IMPORTANT NOTE:   These units are heavy, and shipping is higher than normal.  Power supplies will be shipped via U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail Flat Rate at the least expensive rate possible.



DOWNLOAD: 57 amp Power Supply Manual

12 volt 57 amp/684 watt Server Power Supply

  • These units have standard 4.0mm Banana jacks installed for easy connection to your charger, and unlike some similar units out there, ours feature a switch to turn them on/off, so you don't have to unplug them when not in use.  If you need to connect more than one charger at a time, consider using one of our 12 volt Power Distribution Boxes, or you can replace the banana plugs on your charger with a pair of ours that will stack or daisy-chain together for multiple connections.


    Note:  When running at a high current output these units may produce considerable heat, so keep the vents on each end clear for proper cooling.

  • Weight:  6 pounds

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