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These are the "standard" size (4.0mm) banana jacks (female) used on lots of electronic equipment, including most of the 12 volt field chargers and other devices sold for use with radio controlled models.  They feature a plastic housing that will unscrew to reveal a binding post to which you can attach a bare wire or a ring connector if needed.  They include 2 mounting nuts and a solder terminal for making the electrical connection.


Sold in pairs only, 1-Red & 1-Black

4.0mm Banana Jacks

  • These are the same banana jacks we use on our 12 volt Power Supplies, they are actually "binding posts", in addition to a male 4mm banana plug they will also accept a bare wire or a U-shaped "fork" connector. There's a small hole drilled through the post just under the bottom of the plastic housing, unscrew the top section to reveal it, insert the bare wire into the hole or position the fork terminal around the post, and screw the top back down on it to hold it in place.  You can even use a small alligator clip, just insert one jaw down into the post and clip it around the plastic housing. The mounting hole required is 8mm, double nuts allow you to lock it in place so it won't turn or move.  The insulated housing isolates the wires connected to it, so these jacks can be mounted onto a metal housing or box without any problems, the jack will insulate your wires and keep them from shorting out to one another. These are much handier than a plain banana jack, and easier to mount.

  • Weight:  10 grams (per pair)

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