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It's like an extension cord for your Power Supply!  This little box plugs into any 12 volt power source and provides mulitple outlets for battery chargers or other 12 volt devices.  One pair of banana plugs for input from your 12 volt source is split into 4 additional sets of banana jacks/binding posts for extra connection points.  Fuse protected for safety against shorts and overloads.  Plastic case insulates against shorts, and is rugged and durable.


DOWNLOAD: 12 volt Power Distribution Box

12 volt Power Distribution Box

  • 14 gauge (AWG) silicone wire terminated with high-quality nickel-plated banana plugs on 12 " input cables. Unit is fuse protected by a 30 amp glass fuse, the holder is conveniently mounted on the front panel. Four sets of binding posts are located on the front panel, and can be used as common banana jacks, or will accept bare wires or spade connectors. The set of  jacks next to the input wires is unswitched, the three additional sets are each controlled by an illuminated toggle switch located directly below them, and each set is internally fused with a 10 amp glass fuse.  The red LED on the front panel above the fuse holder indicates a valid 12 volt input, while the LED in each switch is illuminated as each set of jacks is turned "on".  

    The internal 10 amp fuses are soldered in place but are easily changed, and are available in almost any electronics store or online.  If you need 10 amp replacement fuses for this unit  just email me and I'll arrange to get some to you.

  • Weight:  1 pound

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