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Designed for battery chargers used to charge large-capacity multi-cell packs, this unit is made using two (2) 44.5 amp 12 volt DC (Dell) server power supplies installed in a convenient plastic toolbox.  It can provide up to 1068 watts of 24 volt DC power, or over 500 watts of 12 volt DC power on two separate outputs. As with all the power supplies we sell, it is made from recycled computer server power supplies that are highly regulated, and are overload protected, short-circuit protected, and thermal protected.  It comes with lots of "extra" features that make it an extremely convenient, portable source of regulated DC power for all your battery charging needs.


This unit is now available with Red or Blue LEDs.  Use the drop-down menu on the top right-hand side of the page to make your selection.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  These units are very heavy, and cannot be mailed via USPS First Class Mail.  Please select Priority Mail at checkout.



DOWNLOAD: DRC-1068 24volt/44.5 amp Power Supply Manual

1068 watt / 24 volt DC Portable Power Supply

Select your LED color
  • This is a ready-to-use 24 volt DC power supply capable of over 1000 watts (1068 to be exact) of highly-regulated DC charging current.  The twin server supplies are already wired together in series to provide the 24 volt output, and the 12 volt outputs of each one is available from the top panel for those occasions when you need 12 volt dc power as well.  The unit is equipped with an extra cooling fan, a volt meter, and LED strip lights to allow you to use it at night or on dark, overcast days.  LEDs can be switched on/off for daytime use.


  • Weight:  10 lbs.

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