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These 3-wire, flat servo cables come with a female servo connector intalled on one end, and bare wires that are stripped and "tinned" on the other end.  We use these in the production of many of our custom circuits, but they are also useful to modelers who are building thier own RC projects.  They are also perfect for attaching LEDs or other devices that come with "pigtails" to a receiver or other circuit.


These area avilable in three sizes:

  1.  12" long / 26AWG wire
  2.   6" long  / 22AWG wire
  3.  12" long / 22AWG wire


Use the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner to selct the size you need.

Servo Cable-Female to Tinned (bare) Ends

PriceFrom $1.25
  • These cable come with "female" servo connectors.  The female connector is the smaller of the two servo connectors, and is the end that has 3 sockets inside the plastic sheath.  The connector that fits into a receiver is a female connector.  Contrary to what some modelers believe, the "gender" of an electrical connector is always determined by the metal part of the connector, not by the outer plastic covering or shroud.  For this reason, any connector (including battery connectors, servo connectors, etc.) that has a "pin" or a "plug" that protrudes into the other connector is considered the "male" connector.  Conversly, any connector that has a "barrel" or a "socket" into which the pins of the other connector fit is considered the "female" connector.

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