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The Warbird Navigation Lights are designed for models (including civilian aircraft) that require only the 3 basic navigation lights, namely the 2 wingtip lights (1 x red and 1 x green) and a white tail light.  These lights do not strobe, but are on "solid" whenever they are switched "on".  They are switchable from the transmitter, and the action of the circuit can be reversed using the small blue switch on the left side of the circuit board, to make them easier to configure if they are used in a channel that's being used for some other function or with some other device, like with flaps or retracts.


The Warbird Navigation Lights use our 8mm Straw-Hat LEDs, which are very bright but use a minimum of current, so they don't get hot and they don't require a seperate battery, they are powered directly from the receiver battery.  The kit includes two pairs of male/female JST connectors you can install anywhere you need them for wing disconnects, and black plastic holders for the LEDs you can use if desired.


Note:  This circuit can be built to be powered from an external battery, if you prefer.  Contact us for details.


DOWNLOAD: Warbird Navigation Lights Instruction Manual

Warbird Navigation Lights

  • Wire lengths on this circuit are 60" for each LED.  If you need longer lengths, just use our Contact Page to let us know and we'll quote you a small upcharge.

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