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Designed for modelers who want more than the standard "pair" of Landing Lights, this set features four (4) of our 1/2 watt 8mm High-Brightness LEDs that can be switched on/off from the transmitter.  The four lights are divided into two circuits,  one for Nose Wheel lights and one for Wing Lights, and can be controlled separately in three "modes".   Mode #1 = All lights Off, Mode #2 = All lights on "Solid", and Mode #3 = Nose Wheel Lights on Solid and Wing Lights On "Wig-Wag".   The two patterns available for the wing lights are controlled by the end point settings on your transmitter, so you can either set the channel to one pattern or the other, or you can use a 3-position switch to switch between the solid and wig-wag patterns on the wing lights.


You can watch a video that demonstrates the action of the circuit, including the wig-wag pattern of the wing lights, on our YouTube channel here.


The circuit is regulated so it will work on any receiver, even HV (high voltage) receivers using 2S or larger battery packs, so it does not require a separate voltage regulator.  The total current used by the LEDs is so slight that it is powered directly by the receiver, it does not require an additional battery.  The larger 8mm LEDs are not only much brighter than our "standard" 5mm LEDs, they also look much more scale-like on today's larger, giant-scale models.


Wire length is 30 inches on each LED, and wires can easily be shortened or lengthened as necessary using ordinary zip or speaker wire.  This circuit can also be customized with more LEDs if required, just use our Contact Form to tell us what you need.


DOWNLOAD: 4 x 8mm Landing Lights-Normal & Wig-Wag Manual

4 x 8mm Landing Lights-Normal & Wig-Wag Patterns


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