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This simple, easy-to-use device is a must for anyone who flys electric models!  Just plug it into the balance tap of your Li-Po battery, and it will tell you the voltage of each individual cell, as well as the overall voltage of the entire pack.  Simple, easy to use, no buttons to push or menus to navigate!  Cheap insurance against a charger that isn't charging your batteries correctly or a pack that has a bad cell and is likely to fail soon.

2-6s Li-Po Battery Tester

  • The connector on this tester is designed to plug directly into a JSH-type balance connector, just position the balance tap so the black, or negative, wire is on the bottom, insert the pins from the tester into it, with the LED display facing you, and it will automatically begin to display the battery's voltage.  The display will first show the voltage of each cell, to the nearest hundredth of a volt (ex. 3.86 volts), and then will display the voltage of ALL cells (ex. 11.6 volts).  If your battery has just been charged, the voltages of each cell should not vary by more than just a few hundredths of a volt.  If they do, it indicates that your charger is not balancing the cells correctly as it charges, or that the battery has a weak or defective cell, either of which can lead to battery failure.  The overall voltage of the pack is displayed last, allowing you to check a pack to see if it need re-charging at all.  The display cycles continuously as long as it is connected, and current draw is negligible.

  • Weight:  6 grams

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