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A two-piece, 6-pin connector that is excellent for connecting and disconnecting multiple wires at once.  This connector is perfect for navigation light installations in model aircraft with removable wings. The two halves of this connector are made so that they can't be plugged together incorrectly, and the 6 individual pins provide enough connections for a landing light, a wingtip light, and a strobe, all in a single connector.  Recommended for low-current applications only, this connector is not suitable for high-current battery, motor, or ESC connections.


Price is per pair, 1-male & 1-female.


Bonus Tip:  Check out the last two pictures in the group above for an illistration of how you can add some "grip" to these, or any other plastic/nylon connectors, that are difficult to pull apart.  All you need is a soldering iron with a pencil tip.  Make a series of small dimples on the sides of each connector half.  Let them cool, and you'll have some extra traction for your fingers! 

6-Pin Multi-Plex Connector

  • Weight:  2 grams (per set)

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