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These packs are made from high-quality Li-Ion cells taken from the re-cycled battery packs of laptop computers.  The cells are made by major manufacturers like Sanyo or Panasonic, and each cell is tested for voltage, internal resistance, and capacity before being used in our packs.  The packs are soldered together with nickel-plated tabs, and include a longer-than-normal power cable (12 inches), as well as a high-quality, flexible balance tap cable for connection to your charger or balancer.  These make great battery packs for high-voltage receivers (HV), and for any receiver that can tolerate packs of greater than 6 volts.  They can also be used in conjuction with a voltage regulator for any receiver requiring 4.8-6.0 volts.  The Li-Ion pack can be charged with almost any charger that charges Li-Po batteries, the only difference between a Li-Po and a Li-Ion battery is the metal case of the Li-Ion cell.  They offer the same advantages of quick charging, long shelf life, low self-discharge, and the ability to be charged over and over again.  With these packs you can charge you battery on Friday night, and even if you don't get to fly until the next weekend (or the next), your battery will still be ready to go!  And the high capacity of these packs mean that you can fly longer and more times between charges.

7.4 volt (2S) 3000mAh Li-Ion Battery Pack

  • weight:  100 grams

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