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This is a replacement servo for those used on our Night Flyers, and works great on any foamy or small electric plane in the same weight class.  It has proven to be quite a bit better than the SG-90 servos we used previously, this servo is smoother, quicker, easier to move, and harder to strip than the SG-90.  We've sold hundreds of these and have had no problems whatsoever.  We also sell a metal-gear version of this servo for heavier planes.


Comes with servo horns and mounting screws.


Note: Color of the case may vary from smoke to blue, but the servos are the same.

9g Mini Servo

  • Specifications:


    Weight:  9g 
    Size:  23.0 x 12.5x 30.0mm              
    Operating Speed: 0.10sec/60o 
    Stall Torque: 1.5 kg/cm 
    Operating Voltage:  4.8 - 6.0 Volts

  • Weight:  10 grams

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