Based on the XLE4005E1 regulator, this handy little circuit will accept an input voltage of 5.0-32 volts DC, and can produce an adjustable output voltage of 0.8-24 volts DC.  The output is adjusted via the small brass screw on the blue pot at the top edge of the board. To make it more convenient to use, we have added the wires on the input side, and it is availible in two versions.  Version #1 comes with a female servo-type connector that will plug directly into your receiver.  Version #2 has a pair of 18 gauge wires on the input side to connect directly to your battery or other source of power.  On the output side of both versions is a male servo cable that will accept a female servo connector, like those found on most devices that are designed to connect to your receiver.  Connections on both the input and output sides of the circuit are clearly marked and easy to change, with large, easy-to-access solder pads you can use to make your own connections.  Of course, we can modify or change the connections in any way you require for a very small additional charge.


This gadget is perfect for providing the 12 volts necessary for LED Strip Lights from a 4s or larger Li-Po battery. We also install a small heat sink to the main chip which will increase the output capability from the stated rate to around 7 amps.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The adjustment potentiometer on this device is a "multi-turn" type, which means that it takes more than 25 full turns of the screw to move it from one extreme to the other.  This allows for very fine, precise adjustments.  As a result, it may be necessary for you to make several revolutions of the screw before you begin to see any change in the output voltage.  Turning the screw clockwise, or "in", will increase the voltage output, turning it counter-clockwise will reduce the output voltage.

Adjustable Voltage Regulator - 7A

Input Connection
  • Weight:  20 grams

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