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A nifty little device designed to solve a big problem, these will prevent you from breaking and/or damaging those extremely thin wires the battery manufacturers use for the balance taps on Li-Po, Li-Ion, and LiFe batteries!  As we all know, after plugging and unplugging your Li-Po's balance tap a few times, they tend to break, preventing you from charging your battery again until you can fix it.  But clip one of these around the balance tap, and now you'll have a nice, big, hefty plastic clip you can tug on without putting strain on those delicate connections.  Available in sizes from 2S to 6S (we don't carry the 5S as of now....) these will save you a ton of money and trouble with your battery collection.  They snap easily and solidly around the existing balance tap, and can be removed if necessary and reused as often as necessary.  We put them on all our batteries, try them, you'll like 'em!

Balance Tap Clips

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