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The Brushed DC Motor Controller is used to control any DC motor from the transmitter, without the need for difficult-to-adjust toggle switches and servos.  It allows the motor to be switched on/off from the transmitter, reversing the motor's rotation as necessary electronically, using a device called an H-Bridge.  New programming includes a “center off” function that will stop the movement of the motor whenever the channel is moved to center position.  It also includes a pair of micro-switches that can be installed anywhere as needed to stop the motor and limit the movement of the object being controlled, without the use of relays or diodes, preventing damage to the model.  Works on motors of any voltage rating, and with motors that draw less than 10 amps.  If you need a controller to work on a larger size DC motor, just give us a call, or send us an email, we can customize this circuit to be used on any motor, any size, and any current rating.


DOWNLOAD: Brushed DC Motor Controller Instruction Manual

Brushed DC Motor Controller

  • The main circuit board installs anywhere in the model as necessary, it's best to locate it as close to the motor as possible to avoid voltage drops that may occur with long motor wires.  The wires that go to the motor and to the power supply are each 24 inches long, and those going to the micro-switches are each 30 inches long.  All wires can be lengthened as needed, or we can add longer wires at the time of manufacture, just contact us.

    Install the micro-switches in the proper locations (optional) to stop the motor's movement and prevent damage to the model by moving parts.  Once the switch is depressed, the motor will not turn in that direction again, and will not move again until commanded by the transmitter to move in the opposite direction.

  • Weight:  70 grams

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