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In response to some of our customers' requests, we are now offering a way to power any of our Navigation Light Sets from an external power supply, rather than powering them from the receiver or flight battery.  Even though our Navigation Light sets generally do not draw enough current to cause any problems or loss of flight time, there are some modelers who would still rather power their Navigation Light sets from a different battery.  This product listing is for the parts necessary to do that, and if ordered at the same time as any of our NavLight Sets, the price includes the labor to modify any of our Navigation Light sets to make them externally powered.


This listing includes a 2S Li-Po battery in your choice of two sizes, the cable necessary to add to the NavLight set of your choice, and all modfications to the NavLight set to make them work.  Simply choose the NavLight Set that meets your requirements, and then add this product to your cart as well.  When we receive your order, we'll build you the NavLight set you want that will customized to allow it to be powered by an external battery. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: For NavLight Sets that use our 5mm LEDs, we recommend the 800mAh battery version.  For any of our 8mm Giant-Scale NavLight Sets, or any Custom AnvLights sets using larger LEDs (like our 1 watt Emitters), we recommend the larger 2500mAh version for extended run times.


DOWNLOAD: Instruction Manual for External Power Pack for NavLights

External Power Pack for NavLights

PriceFrom $25.00
  • Weight: 64 Grams

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