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The FeatherLite series of Navigation Lights is designed to provide a lightweight, easy to install set of navigation lights for modelers who fly small, electric planes like park flyers and indoor foamies.  This series is especially intended for models made of flat sheets of foam insulation board, depron, or EPP foam sheets.  They incorporate our new 2x5x7mm rectangular LEDs, which are much easier to mount on a flat surface than the "standard" round 5mm LEDs normally used on Navigation Light sets, and provide a virtually 180 degree viewing angle.  The FeatherLite series is specially constructed to be much lighter than our other Navlight sets, by reducing the component count on the PC board and by the use of an extremely flexible 30 gauge wire.  Check the last video in the series above for a video that will give you a much closer look at these new LEDs, and check the Product Detail section on the right for more details on these new NavLight Sets.


The FeatherLite Deluxe NavLight set includes 2 x Wingtip LEDs (1 x Red/1 x Green), 2 x Asynchronous White Strobe LEDs, and 2 x White Landing Light LEDs.


DOWNLOAD: FeatherLite Deluxe NavLights Instruction Manual   (FeatherLite Twin Strobe Manual will be available soon)

FeatherLite Twin Strobe NavLights

Strobe Color
  • The heart of our new line of FeatherLite NavLight Sets is our new 2x5x7mm Rectangular LED.  It provides an extremely wide viewing angle, the LED's output is clearly visible from virtually any angle, including from directly behind it!  In addition, the flat sides make it much easier to mount on a flat surface than a traditional round LED, just a small drop of glue is all you need to hold it in place.  Each LED draws 20-25mA (the strobe LEDs draw much less, and landing light LEDs only draw when they are switched "on"), so total current use is very low, around 125mA or less maximum. Wire lengths are 16" each for Wingtip LED and the Strobe LEDs, and 8" on each Landing Light LED. 


    All of our FeatherLite NavLight Sets feature an extremely lightweight 30 gauge wiring, and circuit boards that contain a minimum number of components, keeping the all-up weight as low as possible.


    The FeatherLite Twin Strobe NavLights plugs directly into your receiver, using any spare channel, or in flap or gear channels using a servo "Y".   Navigation  (wingtip) Lights and Strobes will come on as soon as the reciever is powered, and the Landing Light LEDs can be switched on or off from the transmitter. 

  • Shipping Weight: 8 grams

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