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Now available in 6", 8", 12", and 24" lengths, these are similar to standard, heavy-duty (flat) servo extensions, except that these are made using 22AWG wire that is twisted.  This is considered by some to be an effective way to prevent RFI in a servo cable, by twisting the wires (as opposed to running them side-by-side), the wires cannot act as an "antenna" and pick up RFI signals that are then fed into the receiver.  Like all our servo cables, these cables are made to our specifications.  They feature our unique mixture of Futaba and JR connectors that make them truly universal.  Check the Details tab for more information.

Standard Heavy-Duty Servo Extension

PriceFrom $2.00
  • As most modelers know, the two major brands of R/C radio systems, Futaba and JR/Spektrum, utilize two slightly different servo connectors.  Futaba connectors have a small tab on one side of the female connector, whereas the JR/Spektrum connectors have no tab, but do have a slight bevel on the top edge of the connector. Like most other retailers, we used to carry two lines of servo cables to accommodate both types of radios.  But a couple of years ago, I had the idea to create a servo cable that was truly universal, by using the Futaba-type male connector on one end, and a Universal-type (JR) female connector on the other.  (I don't know why they haven't been made this way all along!) Try them, I think you'll like them! 

    These cables are machine made, using a high-quality and reliable automated crimper that makes perfect connections every time.  Gold plated contacts, and good-quality and flexible stranded wire make them excellent for all your servo needs.  22AWG gauge wire is suitable for all standard servos, and the twisted wire reduces RF and/or EM interference.

  • Weight:  4 grams

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