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This handy little device plugs into the 6S balance port on your charger and instantly gives you two nice new features.  First, it acts as an "extension" for the balance tap wires on your Li-Po, Li-Ion, or LiFe battery.  You know how short those aggravating balance tap cables are on your batteries?  With this board you'll have an extra 5 inches or so of distance from the charger to connect the balance tap, making it much easier to make the connections necessary for charging.  And second, it allows you to plug any size battery, from 2S up to 6S, directly into the top of the board, where it is easy to see, without having to poke around on the side of the charger looking for the correct size balance tap port.  A nice accessory for any charger.


Note:  This product will only work with JST-XH balance taps, which have become fairly standard for most Li-Po, Li-Ion, or LiFe batteries.  There are, however, other sizes and types of balance tap connectors, so make sure your batteries and charger use the JST-XH type connectors before purchasing.

JST-XH Charging Board/Extension


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