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Designed to simulate the muzzle flash of cannons, this circuit includes either 6 or 8 orange LEDs mounted inside 5mm carbon fiber tubes that flash randomly when activated by your transmitter.  The LED "guns" can be mounted in the leading edge of a wing, on the sides of the fuselage, or inside the model's cowling.  Looks great on any warbird!


Wire length on each LED is 24". 


Now available in two LED sizes and two LED colors!  Choose from 3mm or 5mm LEDs, and from White or Orange, in either size.  Please note, the 3mm LEDs do not include any carbon fiber rods, as they are intended to be installed in existing gun barrels already on the model.  The 5mm sets include the 5mm carbon fiber tubes, and can be installed either in the tubes or in existing barrels.  Use the second drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner to make your selection.



DOWNLOAD: LED Cannons Manual

LED Cannons

PriceFrom $25.00
  • This circuit plugs into any spare channel on your receiver, operates from the receiver's battery, and is activated from the transmitter with a switch or knob.  It is now availible in either a 6-gun version, for aircraft that were built with 3 cannons in each wing, or an 8-gun version for aircraft that had 4 cannons in each wing. Current draw on the LEDs is very, very slight, so it doesn't require an additional battery.  The 5mm carbon tubes holding the LEDs can be mounted in whatever manner and location is scale for your model, in the leading edge of the wing, along the sides of the fuselage, or even in the model's cowling, and are long enough to be mounted either at staggered depths, like the model pictured (coming soon), my personal VQ Models P-40 Warhawk!, or all at the same depth, as would be correct for many warbirds like the P-51 Mustang.  The carbon fiber tubes are easy to shorten if you are concerned about weight.  The muzzle flash pattern is completely random, and there are also random pauses programmed into the firing sequence to simulate the "bursts" of cannon fire that combat pilots are taught to employ.  Installation in an ARF may require that the wires to the LEDs be cut and spliced back together, but there is nothing critical about the wiring, and the wires are color-coded to make it as easy as possible.  Many customers have also purchased a pair of the 6-pin connectors available in our "Scale and Accessories" section to make it easy to remove a wing into which the LED guns have been installed.  Instructions are included, and I'm always available to offer tips and advice on how to install the LEDs into models of various types and configurations.

  • Weight:  3-gun (6 LEDs) - 32 grams

                 4-gun (8 LEDs) - 42 grams

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