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A simple to ues, easy to install dimmer for LED Strip Lights like those we use on our Night Flyers.  It will accept input voltages from 12-24 volts, and has several modes and speed settings.  Press the "MODE" button (at top) to cycle between several different types of flashes, blinks, and fades.  The "SPEED" button (middle) changes the speed of the various flashes and blinks, while the "LIGHT" button (at bottom) changes the intensity of the output, allowing for a fade effect not normally possible with LEDs.  Hold the "LIGHT" button for 2 secons, and it will toggle the output of the unit On/Off.  This will allow you to add movement and interest to the output of single color, non-addressable LED Strip Lights that are normally either on or off.  Install one on each color LED Strip Light to create different flashes and blinks for your model's lighting scheme.

LED Dimmer/Flasher

  • Weight:  6 grams

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