These LED reflectors can be used on any model to provide a very scale-like housing for taxi and/or landing lights.  They can be used with either 5mm or 8mm LEDs (including the 1/2 watt Straw Hat LEDs), and they really amplify the light output of any LED mounted in them.  They are made from a chrome-finished PVC that is extremely lightweight, and have a multi-faceted surface that multiplies the output of the LED trmendously.  The hole in the back is slightly larger than 5mm, so if you want to use them with 5mm LEDs you will need to secure the LED with a drop or two of hot glue.  To use them with an 8mm LED, simply drill the hole out to 8mm, and they will fit snugly inside.


The diameter of the large end of the reflector is about 20mm, the front-to-back measurement is about 10.25mm.

LED Reflector


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