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Available in 6 colors, these LEDs can be installed on any model- gas, glow, or electric.  The self-adhesive strips are complete with 3M tape on the back for easy mounting to almost any surface.  They can be lengthened or shortened as needed, and can be wired together in any combination for an endless variety of possible color schemes.  These LED strips require a suitable power supply of approximately 12 volts DC, making them perfect for use with a 3-cell 11.1 volt Li-Po battery.  1 meter in length=approx. 39 inches


NOTE: Orange LEDs are $3 more per meter, due to availablility and cost


Scroll through the pictures to see an example of how these can be installed on just about any model.  I installed some on a friend's Easy Star so he can fly it from his back yard over Chickamauga Lake.


DOWNLOAD: LED Strip Lights Manual

LED Strip Lights - 1 Meter (39.3")

PriceFrom $5.00
Option 1
  • Each 1 meter (39.3 inches) contains 60 high-brightness 3528 SMD type LEDs mounted on a self-adhesive strip.  Strips are designed so that they can be cut between every 3rd LED, there's a cut mark (see photo) printed on the strip, and solder pads are provided on each side of the cut for easy connections.  They can also be lengthened if desired by simply soldering multiple strip together.  Strips are clearly marked with + and - markings beside each solder pad for correct polarity, but are not harmed if they are connected incorrectly.  Power for the entire strip can be supplied by connecting it at any point along the entire length of the stip, it isn't necessary to supply power form one end or the other. This makes it much easier to route your power wires around on a model when you have multiple colors in various locations.


    Since these strips are actually designed for use on a 12 volt DC system, they will require a 3-cell 11.1 volt Li-Po battery for power.  If your model uses a 3-cell Li-Po as the main flight battery, you can tap off the battery wires coming from the ESC, or you can use the balance tap on the battery to supply power.   Or you may choose to add a separate battery just for your lights.  A model using a 2200-2300mAh battery for the main flight battery will fly 10 minutes or more with 3 meters (or less) of these lights.  More lights will require either a larger battery or a separate pack for the lights.  A gas or glow model will need a 3-cell Li-Po of at least 1000mAh for good operation, even larger for longer flights.

    You can use you imagination when it comes to the color scheme you create, colors can be changed as often as you like, interwoven in whatever pattern you can imagine.  Just be careful if you use small strips of one color next to another as the colors will sometimes blend so that once the model gets a little distance away it can be hard to detect the individual colors.

  • Weight:  10 grams

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