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If you've ever had a model go down in heavy brush, or in a corn or soybean field, then you'll understand how useful this little gadget can be.  It plugs into any channel on your receiver, even a channel that is being used for something else.  In the event of a crash, the on-board piezo-electric buzzer will "warble" to lead you to the exact crash location.  It includes a battery-saving function that will reduce the unit's sounding so that you may be able to continue your search even the next day.  It also functions as a glitch detector, counting the number of packets lost between your receiver and transmitter during every flight.  This makes it very useful as a range detector, or as a diagnostic tool for any receiver/transmitter combination that might be experiencing intermittent loss of signal.  Weighing in at less than 3 grams, this device can be added to even the lightest of models without sacrificing performance.


DOWNLOAD: Lost Model Alarm

Lost Model Alarm & Range Tester

  • The Lost Model Alarm can be plugged into any spare channel, or connected using a standard servo "Y" with any other servo into any channel.  It will not affect the operation of any other servo or device, and only requires the presence of a valid signal to operate.  When it is first powered on, the unit will beep quickly three times to indicate that it's working.  In normal operation, it will remain silent until powered off.  But in the event that the unit loses the signal from the transmitter, it will begin to warble loudly to lead you to the crash location.  If your plane goes down, get as close as you can to the crash site, and turn your transmitter "OFF".  The Lost Model Alarm will begin to warble about 15 times per minute, making it easier for you to locate the wreckage.  If the unit is left on and detects no signal for about one hour, it will switch to a battery-saving mode that reduces how often the unit will warble, saving battery life. If you resume your search later, simply turn your transmitter "On" and back "Off" again, and the unit will re-set and begin to warble at the faster rate.

    To use it as a glitch counter or range tester, install it as usual, and turn your plane on.  If using it as a range tester, leave your transmitter's antenna down and walk some distance from the plane.  Return to the plane and listen for a solid tone being output from the alarm.  If the unit has lost even one single packet of data from transmitter to receiver, it will tone for one second for each time a packet has been lost.  Even if you can't see your plane's control surfaces move, you can use this device to detect the loss of signal that would indicate a faulty receiver or other problem.


    Note:  For best operation, secure the Lost Model Alarm to your plane's battery pack, so that in the event of a crash, the alarm will remain powered.  It's OK if it is unplugged from the receiver during a crash, but it MUST remain connected to the battery pack to work properly.

  • Weight:  3 grams

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