The Magneto Kill Switch is designed to kill the spark on gas engines that use a magneto to produce the spark, instead of a CDI (capacitive-discharge ignition) box.  It grounds the terminal on the magneto, killing the magnetic field and shutting down the spark.  This switch is NOT opto-isolated, as isolation is generally not a problem with magneto engines since the spark is created by a magnetic field and not by an osccilating circuit like those found in CDI boxes.  It will work on almost any brand or type of magneto (see important note below!) , provided that it has a grounding terminal.  This circuit is also regulated, so it is safe to use with any receiver running at any voltage, including high-voltage (HV) receivers operating at 6.6 volts or higher.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This switch is not compatible with many of the Zenoah magnetos, including the G38.  The modules on the Zenoah engines are not "true" magnetos, and this switch will not kill them properly.  If you need a kill switch for a Zenoah engine, please contact us for a modified circuit that may work on your engine.


Easy to install, the Magneto Kill Switch is smaller and easier to install than our Multi-Purpose R/C Switch, and utilizes a transistor to efficiently and effectively ground the magneto's coil.  It includes a remote LED that can be mounted anywhere on the model to indicate when the ignition is "on" and ready to start, and a disconnect near the engine to allow convenient removal of the engine or magneto without removing the rest of the switch's wiring.


DOWNLOAD: Magneto Kill Switch Manual

Magneto Kill Switch

  • Weight: 50 grams

  • Connect the servo Cable to the receiver channel you wish to use to turn the ignition spark on/off, and assign a switch to toggle that channel.  Check the operation of the switch to make sure that the ignition is "on" when the switch is in the desired position, if it is not, simply reverse the channel in your transmitter.  Connect the black wire coming from the disconnect to the engine's chassis, and connect the white wire to the terminal on the magneto used to kill the engine.

    Mount the LED (optional) in a location that is convenient and easy to view while your model is on the ground.  You may remove the remote LED completely if you don't want to use it.  Note that the LED is "on" when the ignition is "on", when the LED is "off" the magneto has been grounded and the engine will not start.

    Important Note:  Use extreme caution whenever you are handling a gas engine, and especially whenever you turn the prop.  Do not trust this, or any other device, to tell you that the ignition is "off", as damage to the circuit may cause it to fail and allow your engine to start even though the switch is connected. Keep hands and other body parts clear of the prop at all times, except when starting the motor.