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Similar to the more common  6-pin Multiplex Connectors, these new 8-pin connectors will make it possible to disconnect up to 8 separate wires/circuits at once.  They can be used for lights and/or servo cables, however the size of the pins is slighlty smaller gauge than some other connectors, so we do not recommend they be used for heavy-duty servos or digital servos, as they may not be able to carry the larger current these require.  If you do decide to use them for servos, I recommend using two pins for both the (+) positive and (-) negative circuits.  The male connector (remember-the "male connector is always the one with the metal pins!) is made with a flange that makes it possible to mount it solidly to a wing rib or fuselage side, making the connection between the two halves a little easier to accomplish.


Sold in pairs only, 1 x Male/1 x Female 


Note: Color may vary

MPX 8 Connectors

  • Weight: 25 grams

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