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Small and lightweight, this handy little device is designed to allow you to switch almost anything on/off from your transmitter.  It will plug into any spare channel in your receiver, and is even reversible via a small jumper on the main circuit board.  The output is buffered with a high-power MOSFET transistor, so you can safely control devices that require a lot of current.  Perfect for LED strip lights, navigation lights, glow plug drivers, even smoke pumps!


New Diagram!  Check the last picture in the group above for a diagram showing how to connect the switch for use as a "Kill Switch" on a gas engive with a magneto ignition!


NEW VERSION!  Now compatible with HV (high voltage) receivers, this circuit now includes an on-board voltage regulator.  Can be used on any receiver, any brand, and any voltage output,  Also featuring a longer cable to connect to the receiver, making installation easier and more convenient.


DOWNLOAD: Multi-Purpose R/C Switch Manual

Multi-Purpose R/C Switch

  • Plug the servo cable marked "To receiver" into your receiver using any spare channel, and connect the power wires from the device you wish to control to the green terminal block mounted on the main circuit board. Refer to the instruction manual to determine the correct polarity of the block, the red (+) terminal is closest to the red input wire.   Connect the short red and black wires coming from the circuit board marked "Voltage In" to the battery or voltage source that supplies the device you wish to switch.  (You may want to add a connector that matches your battery's connector).  When a valid signal is received from the transmitter, the switch will close (electronically) and complete the circuit to the device you wish to control.  You can reverse the operation of the switch by simply moving the small black jumper located on the main circuit board.


    Instructions are included for easy installation and use.

  • Weight:  16 grams

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